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Gruppo per pasta fresca D400/D600
linea pasta fresca usata | linea pasta larga | linea per pasta lunga | linea produzione pasta usata

Produzione oraria Kg. 50/70

Production per hour: Kg. 18 The machines "Gruppi per pasta fresca" are sheeters furnished with mixer axle, mixer, rollers and gathered of sheet made of inox steel. These machines are indispensable to feed Raviolatrici, Tortellinatrici, Cappellettatrici. These machines are furnished with taglierina (made of inox steel), to produce long pasta: tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle. The electric piant and tne satety appliances work in low tension (24 Volts). The electric motors are triphase 380-220 Volts-50/60 Hz. At request we can furnish special voltages. These machines are manufactured according to the safety regulations now in force.


Negozi di Pasta Fresca